Proc. 7th Int. Conf., Satellite Conference of ICM in Berlin
Differential Geometry and Applications
August 10 - 14, 1998, Brno, Czech Republic


  • Doupovec M.

  • On the symplectic structure of some natural bundles ... 223 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Kolár I.

  • Bundle functors of the jet type ... 231 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Kureš M.

  • Affinors and connections in higher order geometry ... 239 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Lubas K., Zajtz A.

  • Estimates of the action order of some jet groups ... 247 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Munoz J., Muriel F.J., Rodriguez J.

  • The canonical isomorphism between the prolongation of the symbols of a nonlinear Lie equation and its attached linear Lie equation ... 255 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Munoz J., Muriel F.J., Rodriguez J.

  • The contact system on the spaces of $(m,\ell)$-velocities ... 263 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Ortacgil E.

  • On a diagram in the theory of connections ... 273 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Panák M.

  • Natural operators on the bundle of Cartan connections ... 285 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Tomáš J.

  • Natural $T$-functions on the cotangent bundles of some Weil bundles ... 293 (Abs, DVI, PS)