Proc. 7th Int. Conf., Satellite Conference of ICM in Berlin
Differential Geometry and Applications
August 10 - 14, 1998, Brno, Czech Republic


  • Abadoglu E.

  • A remark on first nonlinear Spencer sequence ... 443 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Alonso R.J.

  • Decomposition of higher order tangent fields and calculus of variations ... 451 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Castrillon-Lopez M.

  • Gauge invariant variationally trivial $U(1)$-problems ... 461 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Francaviglia M., Palese M., Vitolo R.

  • Superpotentials in variational sequences... 469 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Grigore D.R.

  • Fock space methods and the Lagrangian formalism on finite jet bundle extensions ... 481 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Kašparová J.

  • A representation of the 1st-order variational sequence in field theory... 493 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Klapka L.

  • Local expressions for Poisson manifolds of geodesic arcs in Lagrangian mechanics... 503 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Krbek M., Musilová J.

  • A note to the representation of the variational sequence in mechanics ... 511 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Krupka D.

  • Variational sequences and variational bicomplex... 525 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Krupková O.

  • On the geometry of non-holonomic mechanical systems... 533 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Matsyuk R.Y.

  • Hamilton--Ostrohradskyj approach to relativistic free spherical top dynamics... 547 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Mráz M., Musilová J.

  • Translationally invariant Lagrange structures... 553 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Sarlet W.

  • Integrability aspects of the inverse problem of the calculus of variations... 563 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Saunders D.J.

  • The geometry of non-holonomic Lagrangian systems... 575 (Abs, DVI, PS)