Proc. 7th Int. Conf., Satellite Conference of ICM in Berlin
Differential Geometry and Applications
August 10 - 14, 1998, Brno, Czech Republic


  • Akivis M.A., Goldberg V.V.

  • The geometry of lightlike hypersurfaces on manifolds endowed with a conformal structure of Lorentzian signature ... 161 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Ferapontov E.V.

  • Surfaces in projective differential geometry and integrable systems ... 171 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Gavrilchenko M.L., Kinzerska N.N.

  • Infinitesimal geodesic deformations of the totally geodesic manifolds ... 185 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Hájková V.

  • Deformations of hypersurfaces in ${\Bbb R}^4$ ... 191 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Igarashi M.

  • Some examples of the Hermite-Liouville structure on the classical Hopf surface... 195 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Miyaoka R.

  • A global correspondence between CMC-surfaces in $S^3$ and pairs of non-conformal harmonic maps into $S^2$... 203 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Moriya K.

  • On a variety of Weierstrass data for branched minimal surfaces in Euclidean space... 207 (Abs, DVI, PS)
  • Riives K

  • On the special class of curves on some four-dimensional semiparallel submanifolds... 215 (Abs, DVI, PS)