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Vol. 48, No. 2, 2007 · Contents

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Marilyn Breen:
A staircase illumination theorem for orthogonal polygons

Majid M. Ali:
Multiplication modules and homogeneous idealization II

Anders Kock:
Envelopes -- notion and definiteness

Hirokazu Nishimura:
The affine bundle theorem in synthetic differential geometry of jet bundles

Hans-Peter Schröcker:
Minimal enclosing hyperbolas of line sets

Jen\H o Szirmai:
The densest geodesic ball packing by a type of Nil lattices

Victor Pambuccian:
Orthogonality as single primitive notion for metric planes

Attila Bölcskei and Brigitta Szilágyi:
Frenet formulas and geodesics in Sol geometry

Christian Richter:
Squaring the circle via affine congruence by dissection with smooth pieces

H. G. Grundman and D. Soltis:
Splitting classes in categories of groups

Burkard Polster and Günter F. Steinke:
Virtual points and separating sets in spherical circle planes

Christine Scharlach:
Indefinite affine hyperspheres admitting a pointwise symmetry; part 1

Michael Bolt:
Extremal properties of logarithmic spirals

Károly J. Böröczky, Péter Tick and Gergely Wintsche:
Typical faces of best approximating three-polytopes

Mark Mandelkern:
Constructive Coordinatization of Desarguesian Planes

Nick Gill:
$PSL(3,q)$ and line-transitive linear spaces

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